The Body in Balance Program

Get in tune with your body and create hormonal harmony for life.

Body in Balance is an in-depth functional nutrition program specifically designed for women who want to overcome roadblocks to feeling their best, become more in tune with their bodies, and create healthy balance in their lives. Built upon our nine Body in Balance Principles, this online program helps women reconnect with their intuition, balance hormones, replace restriction with proper nourishment, and naturally revitalize their bodies and minds.

Are you ready to...

Boost your energy?

Elevate your mood?

Stop obsessing over food and diets?

Get rid of cravings?

Improve PMS symptoms?

Finally feel good in your body?

Yes, you really can...

Have energy without caffeine

Balance your hormones and make periods easier

Feel good and in control of your mood

Stop dieting and learn to eat a satisfying, nourishing diet

Inside The Program


8 Lesson Plans

We have taken the information we feel is most important to helping you learn and implement powerful change and compiled everything into our library of presentations. These insightful, information-packed lessons serve as the foundation of our program!

You'll have access to all 16 presentations for life. These lessons will be your main resource on your journey to getting more in tune with your body and creating your perfect balance- insight and out.


Lesson Journal Prompts & Actions

Knowledge is power when put into action. We believe that reflection is key for making lasting change, which is why we give you 2 journal prompts to complete each lesson and specific actions to take.

We also give you suggestions for additional journaling, which we highly recommend in order to personalize your journey and dig deeper into your deepest intuition.


Nutrition Resources

Not only will we arm you with ample nutrition resources and a meal plan to get you started, but we include resources with each lesson specific to that topic. These are built to help you dive deeper into topics, and provide information that will continue to support you after the program is over.


Personalized Support

Although you will watch the lessons on your own, the real magic happens inside our private members only Facebook group and in our regular email check ins. We are here to assist you every step of the way throughout the program, and the relationships built between other participants serve as extra accountability and support!


Functional Testing

In order for us to create a personalized nutrition and supplement protocol for you, we have you complete a DUTCH urine test that takes a detailed look at stress & sex hormones as well as some organic acids and nutrition markers.

We also have you complete a Nutritional Assessment, which allows us to get a deeper look into potential imbalances and weaknesses in foundational systems of your body according to your most frequent and intense symptoms.


Individualized Healing Protocol

We take your comprehensive intake form, DUTCH hormone test, Nutritional Assessment, and personal feedback to create your personalized healing protocol that is completely unique and specific to you. This plan covers recommendations for nutrition, various lifestyle factors, and nutritional supplements.

Are You Interested?

Why Our Program?

"I have been so grateful to be in the company of resilient, likeminded women! I would say some of my major takeaways have been emotional freedom around food, and a deeper understanding of my menstrual cycle and how deeply rooted it’s sacred energies are."

-Claudia, Body in Balance Participant

"I am forever grateful for the Body in balance program as it helped me discover so many things about my body that I didn’t know. I learned so much about how my body has potential to heal itself through nourishment and also heal my mind from having a very hectic life."

-Carmen, Body in Balance Participant

"The knowledge they provide is invaluable. It’s helped me make choices for myself that are right for me. Gentle guidance and intellectual information has made a huge difference. My cycles are better, I can recognize and stressors and deal with them a little better. I’ve learned some great nutrition and non toxic changes I could make a little at a time that have had a big impact already."

-Carrie, Body in Balance Participant

"I loved the information and the knowledge that Kim and Amanda gave me. They spoke from experience and weren't preaching what I "should do" while not doing it themselves. 

Major takeaways: listening to my body, and myself, intuitive eating, take time for myself, detoxing my lifestyle!!!!!"

-Body in Balance Participant

We've been there, too...

We know what it feels like to wake up exhausted day after day (even after getting plenty of sleep).

We know the struggle of feeling terrible for 2-3 weeks every month because of our periods, and all of the annoying symptoms that come with it (from irregularity, to menstrual cramps, to cravings, and more).

We've tried every diet under the sun, pushed ourselves passed our limits, and seen the same result over and over again... fatigue, mood swings, cravings, weight fluctuations, and overall frustration with how we feel in our bodies.

Let us help you break the cycle for good.


  • Five 1:1 calls with Amanda & Kim, two integrative nutritionists and creators of Body in Balance
  • Exclusive support throughout your program protocol
  • Lifetime access to all program materials and the Members Only group

Amanda Montalvo, RD, FDN-P

Kim Jordan, MA, NTP

Ready to start your journey toward a Body in Balance?

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